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Code Name: XYZ

Other known Aliases: Soundboy, Altec Lansing

Affiliations: Afromystictechs,Capital Hill

Abilities: Witty Wordplay, Meticulous Metaphors, Scintillating Similes, Deft Defying Double Entendres, Ferocious Flow, Sound Ninjitsu, Motionography, Visual Director

Current Location: Lagos, Nigeria

Twitter Handle: @Tha_XYZ

Solo Albums: None

Collabo Albums: N.Y.S.C (With Phenom), Psalmurai-X (With Psalmurai)

Beat tapes:  XperimentZ, Nice One (with Mifliss)

Collabos: I Dare You(Blaise,Terry Tha Rapman, Knighthouse), Throw Ya Hands Up(Pasha),I Dey Feel You (Tha Suspect, Waje), X-Ela-Raad (Jabbarad, E-Law),100% Remix (Yung Verbal, The Holstar), Control The Mic (Fecko The Emcee)


PsalmuraiX [ Psalmurai And XYZ Of Str8buttah ]

Peep the official debut from the collaborative album between XYZ and Kalifate’s Psalmurai.


Once again,we start off giving props to everyone who has supported us thus far and we hope they keep doing just that.

Whiteman’s Ep and Enigma’s debut opened a portal which is yet to close. Expect nothing but the heat from us as we strive to raise and maintain the standard.

Be sure to look out for another single from Enigma!!!

Also the collab album between Teck and Slamdunk Record’s Head honcho The Holstar is almost done and features an international cast of emcees bringing their own distinct flavour to the table.

Mister Rae’s Untitled Ep is around the corner

XYZ is still in the lab with Kalifate’s Psalmurai

Teck is preparing 2 beat tapes.. Afro J.E.T.S and another(to complete the science trilogy)

…and you never know what the future holds so keep tuning in for more exciting material from str8buttah not streetbuttahs,str8burrah,str8brodah,str8butter(it’s 1 word so please get the name right)

       Expect nothing less than 4 albums after Illastr8 2 drops

       Enigma’s Desultory mixtape

       XYZ and Psalmurai’s Psalmurai X [Str8buttah & Kalifate collaboration]

       The Holstar[SlamDunk Records] & Teck-Zilla’s The Extraordinaires

      Teck-Zilla’s Afro J.E.T.S Club Project(an audio discourse)…….

       …………  plus much more!!!