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K.Rimez- Bars 4 Days 

Inferno City MC K.Rimez goes in on Joell Ortis’s HipHop. Weaving through English and pidgin English to add flavour throughout the cut. 

2012 will see more of K.rimez dropping heavy material. Join the movement or move.

                                 -STR8BUTTAH PRODUCTIONS PRESENTS -

The Professor’s “Abstract Thesis” EP - as Deck The Nexus Plans to take us on a brief journey into sound with mind seismic beats using an eccentric composition and a patent Hip Hop persona…Coming Soon!

 We call this a classic case of one little thing leading to the next one and another and another and another.

 As regular visitors to, we participated in the maiden edition of the online mixtape(Mixtape African Hip Hop: the Naija Chapter2007) spearheaded by forum member –Zero. In late 2008,a second edition  supervised by MHP was made an African affair as opposed to using only Nigerian hiphop acts.

 The song “To be an African” by Zone fam(a 6 man hiphop posse from Lusaka,Zambia) was produced by Teck-zilla. Seeing the mutual chemistry between ZoneFam’s excellent penmanship and Teck’s sonic landscapes, the 2 camps decided to record a full album together.

 Done mainly via the net, after tons of emails, downloads, uploads, edits, remixes and online promos. The Full Script was born, produced entirely by Teck-zilla(in the UK) and vocals by Zone Fam(in Zambia)

Sleeve designed by Mr Rae for Str8buttah productions

This only goes to show that time, space and distance mean nothing to a strong will and determination. When you aspire for something with passion-the universe will conspire to make it happen.









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The BILL SB SB,Mifliss Mifliss,Terry da Rapman Ark,Deck and Nic Eva Gidi Gang Gidi Gang,Terry,Rcube Kuma,AQ and Enigma Ark,Deck and Enigma


Huge thanks to Dr G for making this happen. Dr G -the 1st deejay to play SB on radio.Much respect due!


 Directed by R-Cube (other variations include R3, RQB) aka Agent Zero, Oshodi


 Str8 Buttah is proud to present the award-winning masterpiece and second classic to suffer a bout of misplaced identity.  <see blog on Origin for reference>. Fact #1: ‘The Last Stand’ was produced by Teck-zilla and was a single off our debut album ‘Str8 4rm Da Art’ released in 2009.


 The Last Stand’ represents everything that the collective (mutants) stood for at a time when everyone (petrified humans) was forced to compromise (find a cure) the beautiful sound (their gifts/powers) for something more commercially appealing (a normal existence). I mean, a perceptive snippet from one of the most underrated and slept-on veteran emcees >Masta Ace inspired a banger that just could not be ignored. Fact #2: ‘The Last Stand’ was recorded at the Knighthouse Studios in Yaba where 70% of ‘Str8 4rm Da Art’s classics were laced (excluding tracks which had been recorded prior to this e.g. Origin, Lovin It). The shoot itself was a step in the right direction due to the serious nature with which we went about it. We had a set, matching T-shirts (Palm-Print emblazoned) Lights, DJ Bentley on his Turntable, dozens of emcees showing us some “Good ‘Ol Love”. Historical Fact#1: This video ushered in the use of our ‘Palm Print’ Logo and has since been imprinted on every aspect of our branding.


 The day of the shoot was mega-hectic and the logistics to the location <MicWorx Studios - Ogba, Ikeja> were made via Teck & XYZ. Never short of incident, Enigma was down with malaria, Deck’s mind was pre-occupied with his omo ele’s, Teck was buzzing his legion of chicken-headz so they could get the 411 on the dayz agenda. By the time we started setting up, the energy in the room was so much that it would have pissed off the peeps advocating for a ‘Green Earth’. XY was just sniggering like a youngling getting a new toy when he saw the turn-table. He couldn’t help but take a pic behind the wheels of steel…


 Improv Alert#1: The vinyl on the turntable was blank and XY’s swift thinking came through by taking one of our promo-cdz and sliding it onto the vinyl making it look like it was printed like so..genius. As the sweat poured and takes kept coming in fast, fatigue set in and homeboys started giving less than average performances. R-cube was soon on schedule to go into his frequent gamma-induced rage and started arranging the team like toddlers in a kindergarten choir…<yup true story!>


 Embarrassing Fact#1: This was the first time <sighs> that we actually had a chic (there were 2 actually) in our vid and thereby pouring water on any embers that we were misogynistic, male chauvinists or …butt pirates. C’mon! we are ‘Buttah boys’ not ‘Batty Boys’…

Buddah aka Brother Lee was…<for the umpteenth time> behind the camera before he got distracted and dragged into his usual irresistible banter that would make 50% of Nigerian Stand-Up comedians look like amateurs. Banjo aka Wong Fei Hong soon took over the reins and flogged the supposedly dead stallion into a galloping finish…

Notable cameos: Are you kidding me?…please watch the vid people…we added titles to every soul that made an appearance. Click on ‘pause’ for recognition


 Notable Absentees: Mr Rae was off reprising his role as a heartbreaker/moonraker somewhere close to Buckingham Palace saying he couldn’t be the brave knight he knew he must be…just a happy-go-lucky astronaut…




Directed by R-Cube (other variations include R3, RQB) aka Agent Zero, Oshodi


Historical Fact #1: Option A was a single off R-Cube’s ‘Choice of Words EP’ in 2008.


‘Option A’ features R-cube’s menacing flow on a beat produced by Venomous of Mic-Worx. Listen close and you can smell Shirley Bassey’s breath through the speakers…<Sample was jacked from the opening theme of ‘Golden-Eye’-The debut of Pierce Brosnan as the ‘vodka-martini-sippin-womanizer’ <RQB is still pissed that the role went to Danny Craig>


The joint was originally meant to be on the ‘007 mixtape’ but slipped through the walls of MI-6 and ended up being on the Choice of Words EP on some covert ish. Word on the street then was that ‘M’ had a really bad hissy fit regarding this.


The vid was entirely different for the fact that there were little ‘live’ cameos just ‘4/6 of SB, The Big-Feet & Venny of Micworx’ for a track way shorter than a certain Naija emcee…(ahem).. wasn’t that short, It was 2:02 minutes. It also had no ‘hook’ like a reformed version of the killer from ‘I Know What You Did Last Summer’ …just some muddled-up vocal samples….


Also, this vid featured key excerpts from other videos we had shot prior to this <If you have been following our vidz chronologically you’d get with the program>.The day began with us heading to the spot R-cube & Enigma decided was suitable for bringing out the intensity of the song…They chose…<drum-roll> a shopping complex…exceptional foresight, wouldn’t you agree?

 Like two mad-scientists again…The bruvas started experimenting on the complex’s hallway with an office chair with wheels. <It was a Sunday morning so we had no distractions or onlookers> Better still they would’ve laughed their heads off at the pure madness that was on display..we even decided to use a semi-abandoned family shop for an alternate set. <sniffles> (classic comedic stuff huh?)

  Buddah (aka Brother Lee) was again behind the lens pulling off some superb ‘improv’ slash impromptu work while R-cube frequently switched thru his T-shirt & Hoody collection like a person suffering from severe OCD. <He manages to sport a minimum of six different looks within a short space of time..amazing>. Enigma (@ 1:30) was guilty of some shoddy slash aggressive camera work by shaking the poor lens like a vicious interrogator trying to get the truth.<and as you can you imagine…RQB cheered him on…opinion>sick dudes


Notable Cameos include…Hey, I told you…read from top for reference


Notable Absentees: Mr. Rae & Teck’s whereabouts were unknown at the time of the shoot but sources say the former was looking into a certain damsel’s eyes telling her “It’s Over” while the latter was telling his fans that it was okay to call him “Mr. Stay Sharp’…