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9 To 5 Remix

Peggy Hogan + Teck-Zilla

First Of 2 Singles From The Collaboration EP From Teck-Zilla And Peggy Hogan.

Check Out The Second One Here.

So Long (Feat. Ryan Lague)

Mister Rae + Teck-Zilla

Mister Rae(London based) and Teck-Zilla(Montreal based), founding members of the str8buttah crew are back with a one off single titled “So Long”. A song that deals with love from a quirky stand point. The single produced by Teck-Zilla is a laid back cut with boom bap-ish drums laced with a spacey/atmospheric background and its something to kick back and relax to.  The track also features Montreal singer Ryan Lague whose pop styled vocals help add some extra variety to the mix.

 Along with the song is a short animation using clips of retro cartoons.


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Ignorance is bliss


London based Nigerian lyricist drops his debut mixtape. He goes for dolo on this one and features are far and in between. Expect his partner in rhyme O-Cube,Kestrup, Steel, Hiphop Poster girl Kel and our very own Mister Rae on the guest list.

Pretty good effort if we do say so ourselves.

Get the entire tape HERE

[EXCLUSIVE] In Conversation with Nigerian Emcee Mister Rae (Part 2)

Finally It is here. The concluding part of the interview between Whosworld.rog and Mister Rae

Easy Lover

The Big Rae(BigFoot + Mister Rae)

The story of the Big Rae began weirdly as a couple naked acapellas made their way from the blistering cold of a London winter to the sweltering heat of Lagos in the belly of an unreliable hard-disk in 2010; an immigrants journey in reverse. 
In the hands of genre-defying producer Bigfoot (of the Micworx team), Mister Rae’s (of Str8 Buttah) orphan vocals lost to their humble boom-bap beginnings, were clothed in haunting strings, melancholy keys and victorious synths and rode out into the world banging percussion. While the message remained the same the music gave it new urgency.First, in the form of “Brittany Murphy” released online in late 2011 and now finally with the EP as a whole.  
Expect The Big Rae to get bigger and better with another EP expected before the year is up and a full length album in 2013. You are officially welcome to join The Big Rae’s voyage. As every proverbial journey begins, what you are about to listen to now is that humble first step.
Download the entire EP here


Pretend you’re not witnessing me swipe an instagram filter to finish this (Taken with Instagram)


Pretend you’re not witnessing me swipe an instagram filter to finish this (Taken with Instagram)