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New joint from Fecko The emcee, Mister Rae and Al Kani(from Zambia). Produced by our very own beatsmith Teck-Zilla.

This is one off joint.

Reborn from the ashes..the hiatus is over haters..Str8 Buttah returns with an EP that lets the purists and its followers know they aint finished yet…SB is determined to stay in your faces with that fire with Beats from Mistah Rae, Teckzilla and XYZ…
Verses from the Professor Deckzavier, Enigma, Teck and XYZ with that vintage Buttah sound..The EP touches on the conscious..
(Catching Feelings), the Timid (Runaway)…even finds time to uncover from the crates..the classic ‘Hiding Place’ beat to do some verbal sparring on (Two the Hard Way)
Give it a listen (a couple of listens)..its only the tip of the iceberg..only if you knew what lies in wait for 2014 *rubs palms together*

So Long (Feat. Ryan Lague)

Mister Rae + Teck-Zilla

Mister Rae(London based) and Teck-Zilla(Montreal based), founding members of the str8buttah crew are back with a one off single titled “So Long”. A song that deals with love from a quirky stand point. The single produced by Teck-Zilla is a laid back cut with boom bap-ish drums laced with a spacey/atmospheric background and its something to kick back and relax to.  The track also features Montreal singer Ryan Lague whose pop styled vocals help add some extra variety to the mix.

 Along with the song is a short animation using clips of retro cartoons.


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Kole Hash - Cheesecake

Kole Hash is a Nigerian Hip-Hop act who is affiliated with Modenines Independent Record Label Red Eye Records,and he has worked with the likes of Modenine, M Trill, Young D, And Mister Rae Of Str8buttah.This is his new Video which was Directed in the United Kingdom by No Budget Films,and it is a Good Video and A nice track as well.Look out for more material from him on here subsequently,but for now enjoy Cheese Cake.

The video is co-directed by Mister Rae for #NoBudgetFilms


In Conversation with Nigerian Emcee Mister Rae (Part 1)

When listening to some of the tracks on the African Hip Hop EP The Big Rae, you might think you found a lost mixtape from the 90′s New York Hip Hop scene.  A sound not typically associated with Nigerian Hip Hop, The Big Rae holds a production style where influences such as DJ Premeire, Pete Rock, and the Large Professor (just to name a few) are evident. The rhymes are inspired by artists from Native Tongues, to Saul Williams to Yasiin Bey/Mos Def. Allow us to introduce you to the man behind the rhymes, Mister Rae (AKA Rae Diaspora). Mister Rae dropped his EP The Brand New Masqueradeearly 2011, and is now back with his collaborative project, The Big Rae, with producer Bigfoot.  Mister Rae was gracious to talk with us about the origin of his name, the ties between hip hop and literature, and the positive effects of globalization concerning African Hip Hop. With all that discussion in the mix, he even talks to us about travel! We love it! Join us for Part 2 of this interview where Mister Rae and I get into some choice tracks off the EP The Big Rae. 

By Roxanne L. Scott

Code Name:  Mister Rae

Other known Aliases:  Rae Diaspora, Augustus Khan, Rae-man,Norrin Radd

Affiliations:The Big Rae (w/ Bigfoot of MicWorx), Untitled project (w/ San The Instru-monumentalist of Audible Braile Ent.), Untitled project (w/ Big Faz a.k.a Fazillion) & Foreign Correspondents (w/ Rougewave of Knighthouse)

Abilities: Concious Content, Witty Wordplay, Meticulous Metaphors, Deft Defying Double Entendres, Disarming sarcasm, literary wizardry

Current Location: London, UK

Twitter Handle: @raediaspora

Tumblr: raediaspora

Albums: 0

EPs: The Brand New Masquerade Ep, The Big Rae Ep

Mixtapes: 0

Collabos: Blackman Struggling (The Holstar), Ill Musketeers (Fecko The Emcee), Lazarus(Micworx), Moonraker/Heartbreaker (Micworx), African Pride (Teck And Nali), 9 To 5 RMX (Peggy Hogan)


 First Single from Mister Rae’s first full-length project, “So, How far? (The Mixtape)”. Produced by Teck-Zilla.

"From the get go its like a firing squad 
I put fear in a man like the power of God 
Burn bridges but still get my point across 
Employee of the week - Never claimed to be boss 
Dental hygiene freak - God damn - You floss 
You’ve got a one track mind 
I’ve got an album’s worth 
This is one track better run back 
until your trains detrailed I’ll be spitting fun facts 
Like… if they don’t feel me like Braille, they’ll feel me like rain 
they’ll feel me like pain, i’ll drive them insane 
Like a chaufer to the Vida Loca 
Crying on my shoulders, begging me to hold her 
Common used to love H.E.R…”

"Minnie Julia Riperton (November 8, 1947 – July 12, 1979) was an American singer-songwriter best known for her vocal range of five-and-a-half octaves, and her 1975 single “Lovin’ You”. She was married to songwriter and music producer Richard Rudolph from 1972 until her death in the summer of 1979. They had two children - music engineer Marc Rudolph and actress/comedienne Maya Rudolph.”(culled from Wikipedia)

Mister Rae and Teck-Zilla recreated 2 classic songs from her timeless catalogue: Inside My Love and Rainy Day In Centerville for your listening pleasure.

………………..Stay tuned for the next ButtahBeatTribute………………