J5 member-Chali2na Str8 outta Oakland. Blast if I have to!! Detroit lyricist. Best there is Undisputed LYRICIST of this era. 80s girl group-Fly Girls Pioneer. Nuff respect due NY's finest=Lord Finesse Top story teller in rap Flatbush bomber- Kweli!! Boots Riley, E-Roc & Pam the Funkstress


Rapping (also known as emceeing,[59] MCing,[59] spitting (bars),[60] or just rhyming[61]) refers to “spoken or chanted rhyming lyrics with a strong rhythmic accompaniment”.[62] It can be broken down into different components, such as “content”, “flow” (rhythm and rhyme), and “delivery”.[63] Rapping is distinct from spoken word poetry in that is it performed in time to the beat of the music.[64][65][66] The use of the word “rap” to describe quick and slangy speech or repartee long predates the musical form.[67]MCing a form of expression that is embedded within ancient African culture and oral tradition. Throughout history there has always been some form of verbal acrobatics or jousting involving rhymes within the Afro-American community.

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